New Bikes


Gib’s Bike Shop is proud to be a Giant/Liv Bicycles dealer. Giant is the largest manufacturer of shop quality bikes in the world! They manufacturer the bicycles for many of the top cycling brands (yup, even that one!). This allows them to produce bicycles of the same quality and performance under their own brand, for much less than the others. This practical value is why Giant makes the most sense for Gib’s Bike Shop.

While we have the entire line of Giant and Liv bicycles available for you, we only stock the basics. Weather you’re looking for a comfortable ‘around towner’ to enjoy with the kids, a lightweight ‘fitness bike’ to enjoy some cardio on the bike path, a ‘dual sport’ that’s great on roads and paths, but still allows you to get out and try riding in the woods or a ‘mountain bike’ to shred some gnar at Camrock Trails in Cambridge, our in-stock new bicycle selection will get you what you need for under $600!

For those of you that have already worn out your practical bike and want to upgrade to the enthusiast level, we’d love to take your bike in trade and help you order your dream bike. Special orders are available within 2-days!!